October 7th, 2002


So far today...

I've managed an average speed of 15.3mph cycling in.
I've updated the search index on the RN's website.
I've burned about 3 debian install CDs.
I've also burned 256MB of G3 RAM.
And I've downloaded YaxJournal. Which looks distinctly k3wl ;)

Much of the weekend, conversely, was spent tidying the flat, including the dreaded Closet Of Doom ™ - in which were discovered more spare bits of bike and computer than anyone has any real right to own. It's now alarmingly organised. Also swapped the tyres on my Terratrax for 1.5" slicks, and it now goes like the clappers. I've determined that the terratrax is now a road bike, and the rockhopper a street bike. Both are great fun ;)

Oh and I beat valkyriekaren at scrabble last night ;)

Money Talks. It says "Goodbye"

I seem to be getting increasing urges at the moment to spend large amounts of money. I mentioned the Archos MP3 player recently, and now the empty closet space is just crying out for a BoB yak. Plus I want to get broadband, etc...

I suspect it comes of having too much time to think at work.

(no subject)

I'm not sure which infuriate me more. One-per-car traffic queues that stretch from here to eternity, bus drivers who are quite frankly criminally incompetent, or imbecilic foreign cyclists that stop in the middle of the road to abuse the locals with claimed road rules that have never been applicable in this country.

Or the fact that the above cost me (at least) a 17mph avg on the way home. That bike *really* moves now...
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