October 12th, 2002 - Grin with cat attached — LiveJournal

October 12th, 2002


Bike: Tightened spokes on front wheel, replaced chain. No more odd noises from the front wheel, and the chain's sitting in the cogset quite happily, although I really should clean the derailleurs.

Washing Up: Was all done, until I cooked dinner; will be "all done" again shortly.

Paperwork: Sorted, in the main - just needs to be put away. I still have a lot of magazines and documents.

Relaxation: Wassat then? Haven't really had much time to dedicated to this, but just having the place to myself for a bit is helping; at some point I really do need to sit back and think, or possibly meditate, for quite a long time.

I'm also fairly suspicious that the cold/flu I had a couple of weeks back still hasn't let go fully; I can't believe that this job should be tiring me out this much. I'm hoping that I can get rid of it soon, and reclaim my weekday evenings.

Until then, the only "quality time" I have is my weekends, and I'm going to have to do some cunning balancing to allocate this to Various People. One of these Various People is *me*, and I have to remember this - I seem to recall writing some time back that I needed to allocate quality time to myself, and I've been forgetting to do this.

I'm hopeful I can sort this out soon, 'cos I'm really missing people. But I'm feeling more positive.

Oh and GODS that sofa advert's annoying...
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