October 14th, 2002 - Grin with cat attached — LiveJournal

October 14th, 2002

Don't look now...

..but it's a weekday evening and I ain't knackered. Admittedly it's monday, but hey, positive attitude and all that...

Note that this doesn't neccesarily mean I'll be Calling...

I also received an amazon order today, including Wolfsheim, WotW, and Enigma. No thanks to the Post Office, who delivered them to someone else's dustbin. Complaints will be made tomorrow.

Now, time for dinner, thence to try and turn a mass of Sustrans press releases into something that'll fit in the UKC news page.

Oh, and my bike now has *4* headlights. It looked like number 5 before, not quite sure what it looks like now ;)

Karen - I love you.
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It's back!

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1) WotW still rocks. Heavily and funkily, despite a faint air of 70s cheese.

2) Nylock nuts are a PITA. Trying to swap the saddlebag mountings between my bikes seems to have b0rked them, so it's Maplin time.. (or possibly B&Q?)

3) GPG ain't user friendly. Trying to re-import a signed key just ain't working - whether this is because it's been sent corrupt or I'm fouling up, I don't know...

4) I'm tired. I go leepy now.
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