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October 15th, 2002

Argh it's COOOOOLD

Made more noticably so by standing in a damp country road for an hour...

The reason for this was the traffic, which was absurd. Solid from Magdelene Bridge to the back of the American Cemetery. Because of this, various people were doing U-turns on the Cambridge Road to get out of it. One of these was a lady, probably in her 80s, who had misjudged it slightly and dropped the rear wheels of her car off the edge of the road. I stopped to see if I could lend a hand.

Unfortunately there's about 2 feet of 60° slope there into the hedge. And the other side of the hedge there's a 10 foot drop. Quick examination could find nothing actually holding the car in place (I later got a chance to look under the car, and it seemed to be the exhaust system holding it there).

I thought this might be a good time to get the lady clear of the car, and call the police. The lady did have a mobile phone, but no idea of how to use it or any numbers stored in it. The police took quite a while to find us, as the first person who'd called them had given the wrong location...

Nonetheless I managed to get hold of her neighbour, who came out to collect her and called in some local Land-Rover owners, who arrived shortly before the police. I explained to them what had happened, and once they were happy, decided to get to work before hypothermia set in.

More than enough excitement for today. Well, ok, not that exciting, but shift the car 6 inches backwards and it would have been far too exciting.
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Does anyone know how to make an RSS feed? I don't mean haul one in off another site, I mean make a feed on a remote site that can be hauled in...


A bit like this: ukcn_news then? (very BETA)

(raw data)
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Stress: No
Tired: No
Fed: No
Dry: Getting there. But it could be a long recuperation for my trousers ;)
Calling: Tempted - but not convinced .I expect to be at both the KSR on friday and the Gig on Saturday though.

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