October 16th, 2002 - Grin with cat attached — LiveJournal

October 16th, 2002

Mornings are better with Wolfsheim

... but the headwind, I could have done without. The same going for damp coat /gloves / boots.

Note to self: check out avalon's Ebay stuff later...

Today: work on snort logs. Think about PHP RSS parsing. And stuff.

Not quite firing on all cylinders yet. Not sure why.
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If you don't want to know what by, look away nowCollapse )
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Today, I have mainly...

been kludging PHP and RSS.

(those of a sensitive disposition may prefer not to view the source while eating - it's a quick hack ;)

Oh and the ukcn_news journal seems to work OK, despite a couple of hiccups caused by my changing data.
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