October 21st, 2002 - Grin with cat attached — LiveJournal

October 21st, 2002

Hey, that works, too ;)


Ta muchly, insomnia
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Oh and...

Yes, I'm in work today... moving kinda slowly though :/
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Only not work safe if you're not allowed to giggle in the office ;)

Also: Headlines like this just cannot go un-propagated:
Allergic reaction tied to latex-handled doughnut
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More coathangers

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Saudis not happy with US

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Made it to work by cycling distinctly more slowly.
Tested the perl backup->iso script on the work servers.
Fiddled with various RSS viewers.
Met my parents for lunch, at which I unfortunately hit a low and felt distinctly ill.
Did various tweaks to the external servers but still couldn't figure why the load was continutally going over 80.
Suffered far too many breaks in my concentration.
Noted that friends who can't use cut tags can be solved by a me who can use "default view".
Am now trying to work out how dinner happens.
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More RSS

It keeps improving...

...but authentication is going to need some work...
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I really *am* going to bed now, before I get into a long protracted email exchange with a Manxman (if that's the right term?)

(The key result of the above being that, by request, UKC now explicitly covers the Isle of Man).

Am stuffed from wayyyy too much dinner - one side effect of this flu/virus/whateverthefsckitis is that my stomach feels empty unless I overload it...
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