October 23rd, 2002 - Grin with cat attached — LiveJournal

October 23rd, 2002

Windy, innit? ;)

I'm not used to having to pedal *down* hills :p

In latest news, am still recovering (ie, feel better than I did yesterday), but my stomach's been aching solidly since about 7pm last night.

Also discovered, despite Micron's best attempts to hide the fact, that blue-and-white G3's don't like 512MB SIMMS. Still, it's recognising half of it, and the box is running a lot better...

And that really is some *serious* weather out there...
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Anyone still counting? ;)

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I'm cold and tired, (not excessively so in either case), and I'm trying to work out what I can eat that'll settle my guts a bit. In the meantime I have to tidy this tip in the hope of company tomorrow.

My plans of becoming a dot-com billionaire really aren't running to speed - just got £12 commision from amazon for the last 3years.

I guess I really didn't have much to say here - I'm just trying to recover and warm up before I do the work...

Update: Deflatine seems to be doing the job... tea at this time of night just keeps me awake.

Oh and they appear to be showing thr same episode of Spawn two nights running. Bleagh.
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