October 26th, 2002


Noch 'ne Tag

Nothing much new in this post, just an update for people who've been asking how I am.

Still ill. I think that's about 3 weeks now, on and off? However this is a particularly specialized form of "ill" that allows me to cycle 50-odd miles a week, and has my health going up and down much like the route to work. As such, while I don't feel all that bad today, I'm not going to make any foolish claims that I'm better.

I have, however, confirmed the hotel and booked the car for Whitby, 2 places in the car are up for grabs. (Should be a comfortable ride, as it's a large new car, but not a fast one as I don't speed.)

Now to catch up with the housework I've not acheived during the week.


Got Enigmail installed on my XP box, so I can use GPG with Mozilla.

Sad, ain't I?

(BTW- Enigmail's not very stable - mozmail has developed a tendency to crash on startup :(