October 30th, 2002 - Grin with cat attached — LiveJournal

October 30th, 2002


"Mark Rankov, one of 750 hostages held by Chechen extremists inside a theater here last week, had a message for the Russian people while he was a captive: "Your TV is lying.

"The question was, how to get that message out?

Rankov contacted his friend, Olga Brukovsky, on a cell phone while the standoff was in progress. She took down his words and published them online at LiveJournal.com"


(from butterbee)
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Microsoft suXX0rs


Autoroute gives the quickest time from Cambridge to Whitby as 5hrs 13 minutes (once you've stopped it from selecting illegal speeds on motorway segments).

Unless you force it to go by Peterborough, in which case it's 4 hours 49.

Embracing and extending the definition of "quickest"

"Where do we want you to go today?"
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