November 4th, 2002 - Grin with cat attached — LiveJournal

November 4th, 2002


Am home. Whitby was good, if not quite great. Have dropped off car and dowloaded 520 emails.

Now: Tea, photo-uploadage, email parsage, and website updatage.

More soon.

UPDATE: Hang ON people! I haven't even finished uploading yet - and when I've done that, I'll take a look through at what needs editing.

Bear with me ;)
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5 days away and 270 new entries in the friends list. Blimey ;)

I shall be skimming these at Ludicrous Speed after this post. If there's anything it's essential I see, comment below.

Right, so what happened?Collapse )
Photos are still uploading. I must get a cablemodem... Once they're uploaded (they'll be here) I shall start adding captions, If anyone wants to be able to add their own comments (ie, people I *know*), you'll need to create an account on that site and give me you username there in a comment here.

Now I'm gonna go skim my friends list.
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Photos done.

Uploaded, sorted, captioned.


Vague memories of the weekend return. Including about 3 people asking me if I'm a student.

Do I *look* like a student?

Update: I've only just got a chance to look at those photos myself! And I am pleased :)
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