November 10th, 2002 - Grin with cat attached — LiveJournal

November 10th, 2002

Geeklust! (du jour)

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Weekends spent sorting oneself out may be very useful, but are dull as hell.

I'm still waiting for info from various people before I can finish fixing my schedule for the coming week.

And I'm suffering from chronic Stollen-Lust. Since I object to the expansion of Xmas to cover 2 months I'm determined not to eat any Xmas-type food until mid-December, but Asda are now stocking "Stollen bites", which are getting very hard to resist.
As anyone who's ever been there at the right time of year knows, the Germans have by far the finest Xmas cuisine in the world.

I should probably go and do some more housework before the weekend becomes a mission failure. I'm just feeling an inclination towards company now that I can't currently fill, 'cos stuff needs doing. Evidently I shall have to 'do' the KSR on Fridays *and* Saturdays from now on.

Oh and the ME box has crashed again. Hoo-bloody-ray.

(PS: I post too much)

Update: So *now* I know how to trigger comments from you lot ;)
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I'll say 'Aaah', and you can look...

They say everyone has a book inside them. I have suspicions of two.

One is a book on cycling, which I supposedly Know Stuff About. This would follow the mandate of UKC and just be posted there in chapter segments as content.

The other would be a novel. Probably about him or someone very like him. The way to discover my other self may well be to fictionalise him and see what he has to say.

Perhaps (un)fortunately, I've missed (I)NaNoWriMo, so timescales are open.

I know I'm being very verbose today. I tend to think when left unattended. Yes, it's probably unhealthy.

Since this is a foolish project of loose aims and uncertain schedule, I've naturally given it a livejournal. Well, it worked for Infinite Penguins. Not.

(Actually that's not true - I ended up putting all the IP5 stuff in my own journal. So never mind.)
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