November 11th, 2002 - Grin with cat attached — LiveJournal

November 11th, 2002


Forgot to put earrings back in this morning, after taking them out yesterday. I may regret this later.

Plus I have gone part-deaf in my right ear *again*. This happens occasionally (due to wax I think) but plays havoc with my concentration. Gah. This may mean some somewhat distracted posts today.

Oh and *smirk*
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URL roundup

An administrative error could have led to the minimum wage being set 30p too low, it emerged today.

Amazon and Geek Hygiene:

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Sudden realisation

That by sitting here reading this and obsessively mentally correcting it as I do so, I am attaining a level of menk not usually encountered when lolliepopp isn't around.

Oh dear.
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