November 13th, 2002 - Grin with cat attached — LiveJournal

November 13th, 2002

Made it to work about 15 minutes late.

Breakfast didn't.

Feeling about as rough as you'd expect after 5 hours sleep and a 5 mile bike ride in this weather on an empty stomach.
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Dominant intelligent species?

Lest anyone think the world's developing some environmental responsibility


You think you are coming to a conservation conference, one exasperated delegate told me, then you realise you are actually at a trade convention. (Near identical comments were widely made about the Earth Summit).
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Unleash the meme!

A thought: What does my default LJ Icon say to you? What would you think if it was the first picture of me you'd seen? Do I look happy, sad, smart, dumb, confident, shy? What does that fact that I chose this image say to you? Do any of my other icons represent me better? Which do you like best?

This meme still works if your default icon is *not* a picture of yourself, and I'd be interested to see what thoughts they all trigger in other people. (Ideally post this in your own journal).

Comments please, even if you don't know me. Don't be afraid to be wrong or offend me!

[Icon included above as a lot of friends views leave out the icon]
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People just keep providing postworthy material today. I'm sorry! ;)
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