November 15th, 2002 - Grin with cat attached — LiveJournal

November 15th, 2002

And now for something completely different...

Is inter-species sex between two similar intelligent races bestiality?
If not, how different (in any way) do the species have to be before it is?

(I strongly suggest you not speculate on why I'm asking this. Mainly 'cos I don't know either).
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I dreamt *what* ?

Could the people in my dream last night who were trying to take marine flares, and whatever other type of flares it was, through airport customs (and it was for some entirely innocuous reason IIRC), please own up and explain why they thought this was a good idea?
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OK, try again

Apaprently my (alleged) command of the english language is confusing everyone, but I still want to hear opinions on the question I intended to ask.

So if I may rephrase the question I asked earlier:

If two inteligent beings of similar physical and/or mental form but of different races (alien, magical, whatever) engage in inter-species sex with each other, would this be counted as bestiality (or similar)? Why/why not?

For example...Collapse )

This is intended as a thought exercise. Yes, there may be some novel relevance here.
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A nose by any other name...

A US journalist has reportedly been contacted by lawyers representing a former Rolling Stones member Bill Wyman over use of his name, which happens to be the same as the guitarist.

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