November 27th, 2002 - Grin with cat attached — LiveJournal

November 27th, 2002

Ring any bells?

Staff in technology jobs work in the white collar equivalent of a 19th century factory. suffering from isolation, job insecurity and long hours, research has found.

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Feeling ill and a touch light-headed. Probably down to the antibiotics, but I'd rather have this for a couple more days than get the ear infection back.

PLAN: I shall probably be in London on Dec 7, eating japanese food with a few #userfriendly regs (random_c, this includes you if you so wish, if no-one catches you on channel before you read this).

This plan is as yet alpha. It may fall over, explode, or molest your cat.
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Feeling still more icky and dizzy. Trying to work out if it really *is* the antibiotics causing it, and whether I should stop if so.

That said, I seem to be hitting my low at early afternoon this week.

And completely unrelated: Can anyone recommend a good book on BSD for someone who's familiar with linux admin but it totally new to BSD? (ie, me)

(Note: the BSD server I'm using is FreeBSD, FWIW, but general tomes will be of interest too)
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