December 7th, 2002


Gah. Morning.

Got an early-ish night last night, as I was completely exhausted by the week. Woke up when Karen did, dozed until she left for work, and then finished The Truth. Now have that wonderful combination of oversleep headache and tiredness.

Today then is breakfast, bath, shitloads of housework, London. Possibly involving bikeshops or Camden if I find the energy.

That could be a big 'if'.

Right..., had to bail on London, but there's benefits to living just around the corner (or three) from The Boat Race. Finally pulled together (typoing that as tiger was quite clever) enough energy to stagger over there to arrive partway through Goteki's set; I really felt they were just going through the motions, and they weren't ever sure *which* motions.

Killing Miranda, on the other hand, seemd to be very much enjoying themselves and did indeed (to pinch a phrase) rock mightily. Despite the reservations of 2/3 of Rome Burns ;)

And now I really am knackered, but satisified that I got to the gig at least, and so can sleep contented.

Dunno where Karen went... love you wherever you are ;)