December 26th, 2002



Another 10.5 hours sleep. My body's not used to this.

And ~50 LJ entries, which I've just had to skim. I'm off to France tomorrow, so I have to get up and do laundry and packing soon.

Yesterday - hrm, yes I did post in the morning didn't I? I was completely hammered, but Karen managed to get me out of bed and to grahamb's and wildeabandon's. Then was fed bacon and egg sandwiches and watched Fawlty Towers (not really my thing), Eddie Izzard (my gods, a genuinely hilarious comedian. Why wasn't I notified?), and ("The Young Person's Guide On How To Be A Rock Star"), which was OK.

And lots and lots of toy cats.

And then dinner. Slightly later than planned, due to a minor mutiny by the oven, but still absolutely delicious. It was unanimously decided that valkyriekaren absolutely rocks. Received wisdom that the first time you cook Xmas dinner should be for less that 10 people went out the window, and we were all treated to a fantastic meal and deemed Karen the hero of the day, or of the rest of the year. Hurrah.

And of course wildeabandon and nisaba were there, and, and .... mmrrrrrrrroowwwwwwl ;)

Anyhow, due to needing to Do Things today, I left at around midnight, leaving Karen in a well deserved glow of Kir Royale and pride ;) Walked home (unnatural, I tell you) perking and grinning obscenely.

This is obviously the way to do Xmas day :)

Update: Photos now up... if you want to caption them, click on "New Account" on the page to create a site account ;)