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May 5th, 2005

Tomorrow. Uh, no, TODAY apparently...

VOTE!* Preferably Lib Dem, but hell, it's (still, just about) a free country. Although I would say that if you're inclined to support a minority party, you'll probably get better results in the long run by voting for the Lib Dems now, on the basis that they support electoral reform as a basic party tenet.

On a side note - last time I voted there was someone wearing a Labour rosette standing about 10 ft from the door of the polling station, looking official and taking names on a clipboard with no explanation. Any idea what they were doing, whether it was legal, and what I should do if they're doing the same this year?

Oh and HHGttG was great - not canon, but very funny.

*registered UK voters who've not done so already only, obviously.
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That's *it*?

Have voted, but feel somewhat democratically unfulfilled by the action of making a pencil cross in a checkbox. All three major parties had tellers there this time, but the stereotypical upper-class whine of the Tory one when she asked if she could take my number triggered something automatic, and I refused to give it.

Subscribed to Lib Dem News instead, as part of a determination to take more interest in what's going on in the party, and hopefully be a bit more useful next time.
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