May 6th, 2005


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Starting to look like the main beneficiaries of Tory racist propaganda have been the BNP and UKIP, which have so far made the largest proportional gains...


Point made - time to sleep. Don't need my body clock totally reversed before Saturday!

*just catches Brent East on the way out* :)
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So, Howard's jumped... no loss there then. Expect lots of "deliberate visibility" from potential new leaders, hopefully giving Blair a hard time.

The overall result was, to be honest, about as good as could be hoped for from the third party in our horse-race system; we now have 62 MPs (more than any time since the 1920s) and 23% of the popular vote. I'm obliged to say that if representation were actually proportional, that'd provide 146 MPs - but of course, if representation really were proportional, we'd get rid of the ludicrous "third party" stigma and most likely get a larger share of the vote anyway. Who knows, it could even surpass the Tories...

In any case, we now have an ever-more determined parlimentary party, in a situation where they can have a real effect.

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