May 11th, 2005 - Grin with cat attached — LiveJournal

May 11th, 2005


Waiting for files at work, so here goes...

1. Does my username suit me?

2. Is my journal's title cryptic or descriptive? What do you think it means?

3. Do you think my bio describes me well? If there were no names given would you be able to guess who it was describing?

4. Which of my interests surprises you the least?

5. Which of my interests surprises you the most?

6. Which of my interests needs explaining?

7. Which of my userpics suits me best?
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Still bored

so here's the textbox meme, too.
Poll #491815 Blank Textbox Meme
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Some responses

dennyd - I *knew* you'd say that. 'Cos I would have...
webcowgirl - Heh, I wish...
zellah - I could say much the same :(
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