May 17th, 2005 - Grin with cat attached — LiveJournal

May 17th, 2005

Getting there

No contract this week, but I've got an interview at 5 that should lead to a couple of weeks (and some potential longer term stuff is lurking behind that).

This week I'm taking the time to (finally!) catch up on some coding of my own on the phase.org codebase and put some serious time in - I've added basic image/file gallery and forum code in the last couple of days. This should lead to a) a far better "portfolio" site of my own, and a much-needed upgrade to the Rome Burns site.

Think I can make this work.

UPD: yeah, that seemed to go pretty well - lots of shiny webtech there!
U2: No, I do NOT need spam from "Nourishing Spermatazoa"!!
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Anyone know...

of a site that makes recorded daily temperatures (for London) available online?
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