July 7th, 2005


"Emergency capacity"

Can't anyone run a website to cope with 'unusual loads'? BBC News went down yesterday due to the Olympic result, TFL's site is now down because "something" has happened.

UPD: Given the scope of the "incident", I rescind these complaints.

PS: K's fine (but had to finish her journey on foot), I'm working at home today anyway.

PHP-London announcement

Tonight's technical meeting is cancelled. Anyone already in the area of the Fitzroy tavern is welcome to drop in for a drink and to wait out the worst of the rush hour, although it's not known who will now be there. You are, however, advised not to travel any extra distance to reach the Fitzroy, and there will be no technical content.

ION: Large queues for river busses being shown on news.

Thoughts on the day

1) Well done, and heartfelt thanks, to the emergency services and TFL for their actions today - including those who created the London Emergency Plan and those who carried it out.

2) The next person to tell me that politics has no effect on their life is going to get very short shrift.

3) The "War on Terror" is not the solution to this. It's one of the primary causes. And watch out for Bush using this as an excuse to "Crack down on Terror" or weasel out of debt-relief or environmental agreements at G8.

4) Watch out also for more pro- ID card hype shortly, from a government that sees both a chance to get what it wants, and to "look like they're doing something".

5) The tube is going to be hell for a while. The upper half of the Circle line will be out tomorrow, and probably a number of other stations and sections. There will be a *lot* of false alarms in the following seeks. However, better false alarms than real ones.

6) It's 60 years since the Blitz, and a fair few years since any IRA bombs on the UK mainland, yet Londoners seem almost disturbingly pragmatic. Is there something in the water here?


Comparatively balanced and rational news on BBC News 24 all day, then they go over to the Six O'Clock News (the mass-consumption broadcast shown on BBC1 etc) and there's throw-away comments about "the emergency services, stretched beyond their limits".

Oh, and now "Islamist Terrorists".