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August 3rd, 2005

Enough already

My stomach seems ok, but the rest of me's now fucked up. (ETA: feel much better for having eaten)

But hell, at least I'm still not a Tory:

The following is the front page lead article in today's Torygraph:


Multicultural Britain is not working, says Tory chief
By George Jones, Political Editor
(Filed: 03/08/2005)

Muslims must start integrating into mainstream British society, says David Davis, the shadow home secretary and front-runner to take over the Conservative leadership.

Writing in The Daily Telegraph today, Mr Davis signalled a significant shift away from the policy of multi-culturalism, which allows people of different faiths and cultures to settle without expecting them to integrate.

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Argh (again)

this f'ing code has a Heisenbug.

This is like trying to disect a jellyfish with a spoon. I'm giving up for the day.
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