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August 19th, 2005


Self-indulgent post maybe, but I've now got my phone's calendar to automatically update the one on my website :)

Now to stop getting flu, heatstroke and the rest and get to more of the listed events ;)
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Frankly I suspect people must be getting somewhat bored of this journal, but others say I don't post enough.

So: today. Felt much better first thing (slept in slightly). Managed about 3 hours paid work all in, realised I didn't have the concentration to keep on with it, went back to prodding the calendar.

Heatstroke seems to have morphed into a stomach bug - I seem to have this knack of getting illnesses in pairs - and I'm feeling somewhat wiped out and asocial.

Should probably get some more paid hours in this weekend, but might head up to Cambs tomorrow instead to see the parents briefly.

Hope I get over this soon, it's bloody boring.
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Richard E Grant on QI... together at last...
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