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August 26th, 2005

F'king humans

Woman in the restaurant listening to each ringtone on her phone in turn.
Me: "Excuse me, that really doesn't harmonise with the background music in here".
Her: "I'm setting the ringtone"
Me: "I can't believe you need to do that right now"
Her: "But I'm bored"
No response to that, really. She shut up though.

Then the next-door neighbour comes round with some petition he wants us to sign. Having made three attempts to read his letter I determined that it was incomprehensible, aggressive, but (as much as I could tell) self-contradictory, selfish, and suggested that certain of the proposed parking restrictions should be removed "as pedestrians could walk on the road instead". This he has the gall to put out under the banner of RoadPeace. On returning the unsigned petition to him I'm told (in a loud, highly aggressive fashion) that my opinion doesn't count as it differs from most of the rest of the street - including his buddies at the garage who use the street as a scrapyard. Whether many of them had actually read it, or been intimidated into it (or more likely just signed it to get rid of the drunken fool) I can only wonder.

Learning a bunch of XSL at the moment - anyone recommend any good resources?
Don't seem to have any work 'til Wednesday now. Tomorrow's plans don't seem to have got made.
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