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September 2nd, 2005

Norlins, and waking up

- New Orleans is considered a "sinful city" by much of the American Right.
- Bush has apparently been cutting back funds for flood defences for years.
- There are complaints about the slow rate at which aid is being delivered.
- Bush responds by "reassuring" the public that aid is being delivered as quickly as it can be passed though "faith based and community organisations" (sic) (translation left as an exercise for the cynical).

And the lead article on the news that I woke up to, before that one:

The 'ringleader' of the 7/7 attacks promises futher violence against britons "because we support our government's attacks on 'his people'".

I'm not sure who's more delusional here, but it's not got the day off to a particularly encouraging start.
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update to earlier cynicism: FEMA is apparently directing people to send their 'aid dollars' via Pat Robertson: http://www.electric-escape.net/node/950 (electricescape)

(NB: the FEMA page appears to have been modified since that was spotted)

By manipulating the aid process and diverting resources, Bush is now killing civilians in his own country to further his religious policies.
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