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September 11th, 2005

Poor impulse control

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Repeated logins from screensaver

Frequently when my PB wakes from sleep, I'll give my password to the screensaver, it'll accept it, show the desktop and apps, then go straight back to the screensaver login panel, requiring me to type the password again. Occasionally it'll go right back to sleep.

Anyone familiar with this problem or have a solution? I'm fairly sure I'm not just mistyping my password; it happens far too frequently for that, and I know I'm >>95% accurate typing it in elsewhere.

PowerBook G4 12", Mac OS X 10.4.2
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Close call...

Just knocked one of K's extremely sharp knives off the worktop, leaving it stuck point-first in the floor and quivering.

Fortunately, and entirely of its own accord, my bare foot that had been occupying that piece of floor had managed to make its escape in the intervening 0.5 seconds (by my math).

Semi-autonomous limbs have their uses at times...

Oh and K had just been using that knife in preparing roast lamb. Coincidence?
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