September 12th, 2005 - Grin with cat attached — LiveJournal

September 12th, 2005


No tea or coffee since... erm... friday? (I'm cutting both out for a while, to see if it's upsetting my gut).

Poor night's sleep last night (of the "did I have insomnia or did you?" type).

*Not* really with it today.
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Careful, he's been at the oven...

I appear to have managed to produce a rather delicious plateful of lamb, baked vegetables and couscous, all without the use of a safety net ;p

(ETA: although, as always happens 'round here, I appear to have made twice as much as needed...)
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Lapse of tech...

I'm sitting here listening to internet radio, adding songs 850-866 to an iPod smaller than a casette and syncing a podcast.

And I have my 10-year-old tape walkman on my belt, because all my goon shows are on cassette...
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I need someone to countersign a passport application for me (mine's damaged - which seems to completely bugger the system, so they won't renew it without a signature).

If you are qualified to do this, and are going to BU tomorrow, can you let me know - and bring your own passport number, as they need that too.

Many thanks!
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Propogation essential

Why the Christian Right Does Stuff (including why Bush can't face peace in the Middle East)
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