September 17th, 2005 - Grin with cat attached — LiveJournal

September 17th, 2005

...and a set of nicely weighted balls.

Because, let's face it, any post featuring new juggling kit is going to sink at *some* point.

Seems that getting a decent night's sleep last night was in fact the right plan. Woke up at 9:30 - just in time to catch the tail end of ravenevermore's radio show, had a leisurely morning including taking a shower to *warm up*! (Yay! Cooler weather!) and headed out to Camden with valkyriekaren to meet daneel_olivaw. Extremely nice breakfast in the Camden Kitchen (anyone who says free range eggs don't taste better needs to stop drinking meths) - service was even a bit quicker than usual (it can tend to the glacial at times).

Shopping was relaxed enough, despite the usual crowds - picked up a decent pair of trousers for 25 quid, and dropped into the juggling shop in the stables. Decided to get a new set of juggling balls (as noted above) as my old set have fallen apart, and it's really good stress relief. However at some point I need to finally learn to juggle *4* rather than the 3 I've been on for 10 years... Picked up a leaflet for a circus group which might be able to help, unless anyone wants to volunteer?

Dropped into the Dev afterwards (against my better judgement) to discover the place has dramatically improved; the bar was clean, the cider was clear, the glasses properly washed, and (almost too much to accept) their was soap and a *working drier* in the men's loos.

Dinner was a less pleasant surprise though - tried the "Arizona" tex-mex place. Small portions, overpriced and mediocre. Don't bother. Still got that slight "not eaten enough" feeling now, but I'll take it to bed in a few...
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