September 30th, 2005



Still cold-ridden; don't think I'll be getting any work done today (nose won't stop running long enough, for a start).

New Pratchett out tomorrow, by the looks of it.

Fun cold this one

Lets you feel fine - and thus like a complete slacker - when you sit watching TV, and then bloody awful when you try and move or think too hard.

Still, when I did get up for some tea, I found a return visitor:
fairly political

Oh yeah...

One problem with this cold is it keeps fucking my memory about. I've just recalled some fragment of news I heard as the radio woke me up. This is the only place I can find it offhand:

Multiculturalism blamed for bombers' hate
Lizzie Murphy
MULTICULTURALISM is a divisive political concept which has fomented racial hatred and may have helped to produce the July 7 suicide bombers, a report claims today.
The social policy think-tank Civitas criticises what it calls "hard" multiculturalists who insist that no culture is better than any other and that society should celebrate difference.

Note: Civitas describes itself as "Liberal" but I've always seen it referred to by others as a "Right-Wing Think Tank"