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October 7th, 2005

Yesterday: Linux Expo and PHP

Yesterday was spent (after an hour in the office sending out a mailshot) at Linux World Expo at Olympia2. This venue always seems like something of a poor relation to the larger hall, but serves the purpose... In any case there was a fairly good range of stalls there, and I spent the day to 4:30 fairly profitably talking to exhibitors, including picking up some useful info on LPI and MySQL certs. Oh, and I picked up a debian t-shirt and a new mug. Bumped into djm4, plus a few people I know from Cambridge, PHP-London, CfT or Bytemark.

After this I headed towards Oxford Street via the Apple store to recharge my powerbook and sync the latest version of phasecode onto the laptop - then over to the Fitzroy Tavern (where the Tav meet was also going on) to see if I could get into the (possibly over-full) PHP-London meet - busy this time as a certain Rasmus Lerdorf was giving a talk. Had to resort to an Emergency Sandwich for dinner, but this allowed me to catch most of the first demo and all of Rasmus' talk - which was extremely informative (and pointed out a few XSS vulnerabilities I'd missed in my sites, as well as some other very useful tricks). Rasmus himself struck me as an extremely friendly & likeable bloke, whose views on coding are refreshingly similar to my own.

I finally got home around midnight, completely wiped out and with very sore feet...
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Can I move that today be stricken from the record? Something has been EATING my juggling kit.
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