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October 20th, 2005

Propogation: anti-ID petition


Oh and I have to copy this from libdemfeed:

Charles Kennedy at PMQ'S: Prime Minister is becoming increasingly authoritarian
20 October 2005

At Prime Minister’s Questions Charles Kennedy challenged Tony Blair to concede that he was becoming increasingly authoritarian. Mr Kennedy urged the Prime Minister to look at a checklist of the government’s authoritarian measures such as “questioning the principles of innocence until proved guilty, promoting the concept of summary justice, picking fights with the judiciary, and saying that he wants to lock people up for 90 days without charge.†He then added, “Now if that isn’t an authoritarian approach, what is?â€Â

Mr Kennedy also pointed out to the Prime Minister that yesterday’s ID cards bill was voted against by a number of Labour back-benchers, and with such a small majority it was unlikely to be passed by the House of Lords. Mr Kennedy asked “is it now his intention to use the Parliament Act to push through the Identity Cards bill with the House of Lords based on his 35 % mandate from the country in the House of Commons,†in itself an authoritative measure?
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