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October 23rd, 2005


Damnit, I *cannot* get my brain to run right now. Sleeping something like 12 hours last night may not have helped this - and the mild cold I've got (can I have my sinusses back?) can't be doing much either.
Friday night at SC was pleasant enough, although it seemed somewhat quiet, and a lot of people seemed to be having trouble finding their energy. Still, it gave me a bit of a break - and, when I left at about 2 I was lucky enough to catch a lift from djm4, which saved at least an hour from my journey home.
This meant I was up at a reasonable time on Saturday - although not quite early enough to head up to Cambridge to join the MySociety group on a walk - and made it up to Camden for a slightly late lunch. Wandered around the market a bit and found that hiddenpaw now has a stall in the lockside market, from which he's selling some excellent art (mainly anthro).
Headed down to Oddballs to replace the damaged juggling kit, chat to the owner and pick up a book on the subject. Wandered around a little more, then headed down to the Dev where I found K & co. Had a pint of Scrumpy then realised I was falling asleep where I sat, so staggered home to crash out.
Today is rather dull though - seems to be just me and the housework, sans motivation, so I'm zoned out on the sofa watching "More industrial revelations" (a very fine show, admittedly) and thinking I should have got more done. I'd try and juggle but I'm not sure I have the focus.

Update *THUD* - I evidently *cannot* juggle 2 balls in one hand any more - 6 throws in the right or two in the left appears to be my limit. Gets the blood flowing though - seems to have woken me up.
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Anyone know...?

a) of a decent Chinese Takeaway in Leytonstone?

b) enough about GPS systems to advise me on getting one?

c) of any specialist walking shops in London that might be able to get me the specific insoles my Trezeta walking boots take, or for that matter advise me on instep crampons, if this winter's going to be as icy as expected?
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