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December 9th, 2005

Dear Royal Mail

I have just come home to find a damaged parcel in apologetic "damaged parcel" packaging - lying in a heap of dead leaves outside my front door, four feet from the pavement. This is by no means the first time goods and parcels have been left outside the house in full view of the road, and it makes a mockery of the apology on the package. It is completely unacceptable service, and far too common. Furthemore, another of the letters delivered today was a recorded delivery, "signed for", which cannot have been signed for as no stickers were present removed (damnit, typo) and it was found on the doormat. Again, the level of professionalism of the delivery staff here is abhorent. Combine this with the number of letters that get delivered to the wrong street, I only wish I could opt out of the appalling "service" that the monopoly provides.
I could continue with the functional flaws that your website displays in the Firefox browser, the fact that your complaints line cuts off dead with no information about opening hours, or the likelihood that my divorce proceedings were destroyed by the loss of documents, but frankly I do not have the energy to fully express my annoyance.
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