April 1st, 2007


Some notes on the ZDE PHP5 cert

based on the php|architect "vulcan" practice exam system.

1) Having to "pay-per-test" to even see example questions (there are no public or purchasable example papers) wrankles slightly

2) If you have a vague clue, you'll probably only need about 45 of the 90 minutes for the 70 questions

3) You will have to know quite precisely how rather a lot of functions work, and recall their names and specifics; you don't really have to memorise parameter lists and orders.

4) I'm weak on streams / network programming, have to bluff a fair bit on XML stuff, am completely unfamiliar on new procedural DB interfaces (I use PDO damnit) and can never remember the names of design patterns.

5) And I still scored "excellent" overall and in most categories; I'll read up on the above areas, but wouldn't be too panicked if I suddenly had to sit the real exam (which they claim is slightly easier than the practice ones).

6) Turning all the images on your website upside-down for International Halfwits Day is lame. Turning them upside-down on a pay-per-test, commercial site is just stoopid.