April 15th, 2007


Well, mainly apples

fruit-based alkymaholic beverages are evil.

Great party though.

ION: Apple's next OSX upgrade has apparently been pushed back to October to allow them to work on the iPhone, which kind of renders my plan of waiting 'til late June to buy a new laptop less sensible.

ION2: Apparently Borough Market Traders are, as a population, far more knowledgeable about Shrödinger's cat than my colleagues, as evidenced by reactions to my t-shirt.

Yesterday's great achievement consisted of getting the painted-shut windows in shadowdaddy's and webcowgirl's flat opened, so I'm now sitting here in a refreshing breeze listening to the splash of oars on the river. On the downside, I appear to have at least one headache.

Am now going to stick said headache in the shower, and if no-one else has surfaced by the time I return, may head up to London Zoo.

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Decided to face the hangover head-on and went to London Zoo with the camera. Moderately successful, but felt a bit rough; managed to tackle this with freshly-fried donuts, the effects of which were somewhat truncated when some bunch of chavvy shits decieded to smack me in the face with a football for wearing black.

Back at Putney now with aching muscles (more related to booze than balls) and a cup of tea.

ETA: Photos uploaded; nothing hugely exciting.
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