May 29th, 2007


I needed that...

(Short version: piccies here)

Just back (well, on the Stansted "Express") from a few days away at Pinchon, my parents' place near Agen in the south of France. And, for some completely unknown reason, treating this keyboard as if it were AZERTY, which is not going to help my typing.

Basically, good food (and wine and beer), good company, zero stress, a reasonable amount of sun (the first evening and first full day were warm enough to require swimming), and vast amounts of wind and rain. My parents' (english) neighbour has now finally met me and will believe in my existence, and I'm feeling generally happier and more relaxed than when I went away. I suspect I'll try and head back out there sometime in September.

In between swimming, dodging rainstorms and gale-force winds, and sneezing a hell of a lot (I'm allergic to something in the house there, possibly the accumlated tree pollen that's now been soundly washed away from outside), I've also been attending to trees - my parents are building up a small arboretum there - and taking a fair few photos. The plan is that, before I post this, I'll set a selection of them to upload to flickr while I shower off, catalogue them and post the link here -> (yay!) before going out to spend the evening with webcowgirl and family.

Casualties from the trip comprise mild sunburn (probably from the day when it kep swinging from torrential rain to blazing sun every 15-30 minutes), and my suitcase, which came off the luggage carousel with something of a crack and lost a wheel - it's now sitting on a cheapo luggage trolley.

Just finished reading KSR's "50 degrees below", the second in his climate trilogy(?) and started (on KSR's recommendation) on "The selected works of Ralph Waldo Emerson", which starts with his journals; it's interesting to parallel these as a modern-day blog; except for the dated linguistic style they'd be quite incongruous as such.

Oh joy, 'tis raining sideways again. I'd say "welcome to England" but it was far heavier weather in France, taking a few full-grown trees down in whole or part. Fortunately all my parents's ones seem to have survived. And now it's bright sun again.

Anyway, I probably shouldn't sit here the entire journey blogging the weather; I think I'll dive back into my book. See some of you soon; I'm off climbing tomorrow night and am looking forward to it!

(PS: Veggie mousakka is *delicious*, especially with a good Bordeaux. Recipe probably available on request)