July 7th, 2007



Seem to have a slight bad-of-brain tonight - possibly in part due to being a bit overloaded/heated from watching the TdF prologue. And a certain degree of irritation at missing a lot of the star riders due to ludicrous queues, deficient venue maps, and the organisers' insistence on keeping the best views / locations for themselves. Oh, and sore feet, but that's to be expected.

Not actually feeling depressed or anything like that, just feeling the need for somewhere quiet and dark for a while.

I naturally took ludicrous numbers of photos today - LightRoom is currently negotiating with my camera for their safe release. I will dig through these later and see if anything is any good. I know the camera was having some issue with autofocussing fast enough for the riders.

On the plus side, it was a stunning day for the race; vast numbers of people turned up and enjoyed themselves, London looked fantastic, and it was a real joy to see (albeit on the big screens) the world's finest cyclists sprinting through the Marble Wellington Arch. I can only hope it's a spur to treat the Tour of Britain a bit more seriously this year.

I should probably also go see if I can find some highlights online (probably easier than finding then on Freeview), but I suspect it's time to cook dinner first.

ETA: TdF photos up
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