July 17th, 2007


Bloody idiots

!23-reg are a complete pain in the arse...

"We've stopped your inbound transfer because the admin contact refused the request" - NO HE BLOODY DIDN'T. And perhaps you could get online support to either fix their site or READ THE BLOODY TICKETS.

Can't transfer the f'inkg domain to Melbourne (the easy destination, as their system *works*) as the current admin is one of their resellers. Godaddy seems to be having issues too; no idea why it takes hours to check whois data, but at least their "status" display can manage more than 'pending/fail/ok'.
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Super Genius


1) Apparently my GPS now works inside my flat. Well, there's something to be said for thin walls...

2) While said GPS displays with DST/BST, it logs internally with ZULU/GMT time, which is what it downloads to GPX in, too.

3) Per 2), having carefully synched my camera's internal clock to the GPS display means that all my photo timestamps are an hour 'late'.

4) This makes geo-correlation inaccurate at best.

However, having figured that, I've got a reasonable chance of finishing the GPS/GPX -> flickr geotagging script soon...

ETA And I'm almost *certain* that PHP's default switched from Europe/London=GMT to Europe/London=BST somewhere in the middle of testing, and then *stuck* there.

There's something *really* odd in PHP's timezone support. The documentation's shite, for a start.