July 20th, 2007


Are your feet wet Jim?

Have just cleared Collapse ) on the second-floor balcony at work. By standing in the middle of it and clearing the drain that had been artistically converted by filling it with pebbles and earth.

I'm not sure if being the only person in the office in walking boots was a plus or a minus.

Probably a good thing I had a spare shirt, anyway.

ETA Unfortunately the damp-course around the balcony was significantly below the water level, so we've had flooding under the raised floor in that corner of the office, necessitating a rather rapid shutdown of computer systems until we could tell whether the electrics were affected.

http://www.flickr.com/photos/parsingphase/858986140/ )

We were saved from worse problems by a hole in the floor; this meant that the water all drained into the soft ceiling of the office below, flooding them throughout their office instead.

Oh and HSK tube and the circle line are flooded out.

Some days, the only solution is Sushi

Although that was *not* helped by the fact that the TfL website was reporting the Circle Line as reopened when parts of it were still underwater...

(TfL station assistant: "Yeah, that site's just bollocks")

Apparently my going out in the rain to clear the drain is being recounted as "heroics" in the office, with a disturbing lack of sarcasm. I find people's threshold on this term disturbingly low, as it gets applied whenever I help someone injured or distressed, or someone causing trouble (like that bloody fight at Oxford Circus).

These are generally things I'd hope anyone could or would do. I'm disturbed, and a touch saddened, that it's seen as abnormal behaviour.