August 24th, 2007


"I'm in considerable pain, Pinky"

Apparently I've injured myself in my sleep again; at some point around AAAAAAARGHHHHH o'clock this morning I woke up, screamed slightly, and *tried* to force the muscles in my leg to relax from the gordian knot they'd gotten into (and no, I'm not gonna use that technique).

I therefore had to pretty much hop into work this morning, as I can't actually fully straighten it at the moment.

In other news, this thread slightly alarming, and possibly an indication that I'm getting old.
Super Genius

JS & Unicycles

Someone (apparently duncanneko, to whom many thanks) recently recommended me this:

The world's most useful JS tutorial reference (also here).

It makes my brane hurt. Then I discovered I'd been watching the beginner's tutorials.

It made it hurt even more when I discovered that the guru doing the presenting had also written this.

Having also read, and barely followed, ciphergoth's self-described rant on the subject, I am minded to suggest that v3 of most languages are borken; if you ever see v3 of a language, hope that v4 is better and v5 might just get it right.


Lack of sleep doesn't help, but somehow a day always becomes extra-tiring when you've got a muscle injury. I think it's some combination of painkillers and lactic acid (both of which are fatal in big enough doses, which is why you have to be *really* careful with crush injuries)