November 19th, 2007



I am mainly watching electronic paint dry. In fact I got bored enough to install my load & bandwidth monitoring tools on the server to see just how fast it was drying.

I have just eaten a burrito that was the antithesis of the excellent one I had at wahaca 3 weeks ago. The wahaca burrito was so perfectly wrapped it almost deserved a ribbon, was warm through, and of outstanding taste and quality. This one looked like a shed sandworm skin and had chilled guacamole doing a fine impression of ectoplasm. Fortunately, it was at least edible, but I didn't even try to pick it up.

(It occurs to me that if I was blogging my lunch properly, as webcowgirl does, I'd have taken a photo of it. Evidently I'm not geeky enough - although the iPhone's camera's not so bad...).

Am also feeling alarmingly dizzy today, as one of my colleagues was on Friday. He's now off sick. This, I do not need.

also, for webcowgirl: - possibly needs a little more cleanup.

I think I shall now raid the supplies of free-but-low-grade hot-choc here to see if that helps.