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April 19th, 2008

Spreading the Hate - Dail Mail at its finest

From a friend's journal - think I'll skip the attribution in this case, unless requested otherwise:

From a friend's inbox:

I understand that you are currently involved in the Lifestyle known as BDSM and have numerous active contacts within this community.

The Daily Mail are compiling an expose on the people who practice this lifestyle within this community and use the website known as WWW.informedconsent.co.uk

You have been put forward as an unnamed source within an advising capacity to this story.

Anyone who co operates will be protected against exposure as we will take care of all sources.

You may contact news desk via Philip A Farmer on {no I'm not going to help you "research' this} alternatively foward your response to {or pass on your email address}

Philip A Farmer

So, if this weasel tries to contact you for his "exposé" (or if he calls it something less blatant), keep clear.
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This is priceless

"For better sex, fuck your own gender"* says Dr. Paul Cameron, founder of the Christian Right’s Family Research Institute.


*Ok, so I'm paraphrasing that slightly.
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