July 12th, 2008 - Grin with cat attached — LiveJournal

July 12th, 2008

Hrmm, busy in here...

Back in the Apple store in the hope they might have some demos of exciting new iPhone apps, but no luck. After yesterday's Epic Fail they now have pretty much flat surface converted into an iPhone selling location, the place is heaving and the theatre area (aka the comfy seats with free wireless) is reserved for iPhone widows and orphans.

Typing this on the Eee; it's been a sulky little sod this morning (I think it objected to running completely flat withut being shut down) and I couldn't get it to do a thing until (oops, triggered Chinese mode) I plugged it into a wired network and apt-get update'd it. Reminds me why I don't usually use Linux on the desktop...

Went out with T & J to a couple of exhibits Drowned London had pretty pics but wasn't really worth the hike for only 5 of them; If Hitler Were A Hippy... is just plain weird; think Hieronymous Bosch takes up model-railway style landscape modelling. Reminded me of the Werewolf divisions in Atrocity Archive.

Anyway, that was just around the corner from the Apple store (hence thinking I'd take a look in). Now trying to get various new hard/software to play nice and remember a load of old passwords.
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