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August 17th, 2008

Anyone want an iPhone?

Having looked at costs & service I've decided to upgrade the iPhone. That means I have a 1st gen 8GB one to sell.

It's back in its original box, with charger, cable and earphones (all brand new) plus docking station (original). There are some minor scratches to the back, but the screen's in perfect nick as it's had a screen protector on it since day 1. It's been upgraded to v2.0.1 firmware so you can install apps on it.

It's currently working with an O2 PAYG SIM but it should work with any O2 contract too. If you don't want to use it as a phone it'll work as an iPod Touch.

£160 covers my upgrade costs and includes the SIM with £15 on it; they appear to go for much more on Ebay and twice that in second-hand shops. I'd rather it go to a friend than take the £150 that CEX will give me before they sell it at £300+
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