October 11th, 2008


On the move

  • 09:09 #fowa Breakfast at the Ibis running almost as smoothly as the Excel wireless. #
  • 10:07 New #fowa game: trying to guess the username of the person twittering next to you. #
  • 10:08 #fowa now denegrating into a clickwaving contest #
  • 10:34 #fowa there goes the WiFi #
  • 10:36 @frozenskys: lolz #
  • 10:39 #fowa "Learn PHP from teh wordpress source". Gods no, have you *seen* that code? #
  • 10:52 @ryancarson: if twitter search is rate limited, swithc to fowatcher.com #
  • 10:55 #fowa Looks like the salesforce salespitch is losing teh audience. #
  • 12:29 #fowa don't make ad-hominem excuses for lack of postback! #
  • 14:22 #fowa Mapping presentation is excellent but exhausting to listen to - try playing the video back at 1/2 speed ;) #
  • 14:40 @frozenskys: www.fowatcher.com/ #
  • 16:41 #fowa @renn: good plan, 18:30 ? #
  • 22:37 Back home from #fowa - thanks to @ryancarson and carsonified for another great show. Iz sleep tiem nao? #
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Funky Little Bee!

Funky Little Bee(That title from a comment my brother just made on this post at flickr.)

The Royal Hospital for Neurodisability are having a charity photo display / sale at the Putney Exchange, so I pulled out the framed prints I'd displayed at the LPMG Gallery show and offered them in; they're on display now. Would be great if they could make some money off them.

It's sunny, I've had a lie-in, lunch and a haircut, and my foot appears to be healing. My brain has partly recovered from the information firehose it was subjected to at FOWA and the remedial beers taken thereafter. I do, however, have a lot of writing and research to do.

I have tea, and may go to Kew again tomorrow morning, depending when I wake up, although I will need to go back and collect the photos mid-afternoon, as there's no real likelihood of all (possibly any) selling.

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to...

cease his bullying of Iceland and the Icelandic Authorities in regards to the current economic crisis

The government's dealings with Iceland with regards to the collapse of Icelandic banks has been heavy-handed, aggressive and completely disproportionate to its dealings with similar US and UK banks.
It is clear that the Prime Minister views Iceland as a small, easy target, and a chance to play tough, but the use of anti-terror legislation to freeze Icelandic assets is inappropriate and aggressive. We call on Gordon Brown to deal constructively and fairly with this small nation as he does with the superpower US.

Pending approval at