November 15th, 2008 - Grin with cat attached — LiveJournal

November 15th, 2008

On the move

  • 07:40 Retweeting @ijansch: o'reilly is going to launch a php certification! tinyurl.com/5vdx5t #
  • 10:35 Volume of calls from recruitment consulants has soared in the last week - obviously getting increasingly desperate to place candidates. #
  • 12:56 @silkyraven: Retweeting @mtabini: I think I have discovered the Starbucks secret: they keep the dirt when they harvest the coffee beans. #
  • 13:42 @SilkyRaven @boo_kitty kept you awake? #
  • 14:43 Energy levels currently soaring like a brick. Holiday in 3 hours. #
  • 17:58 EJECT! EJECT! (Or in other words, off to Cambridge again). #
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