December 25th, 2008 - Grin with cat attached — LiveJournal

December 25th, 2008

It's that day again!

Happy Christmas, peoples!

Mine's getting off to a bit of a slow start - I got a decent number of hours' sleep last night, although it wasn't of the best quality, but I feel better for it. I was distinctly wiped out yesterday but still had great fun playing Munchkin with booklectic, barking_watcher and adjectivemarcus, in a game which had much the requisite amount of silliness, and culminated in a ludicrous pie-related winning move. Great fun, hope I wasn't babbling too much due to tiredness. Also (very briefly) played Little Big Planet (the graphics are astounding) very badly and chatted to duranorak a bit before heading back to feed the cat and pick up a pressie from webcowgirl's house.

Today's a quiet one for me - I have just the one pressie to open which I'll do in a moment, although I did buy myself series 1 of Babylon 5 last night. My family had its Christmas celebration last weekend - probably the first time we've all been in the same place in years, and it was fantastic. As well as my parents and siblings, my sister's husband and daughter and brother's fiancée were also there, and it was a great atmosphere. My niece is jut about to start crawling but can't quite find forward gear yet, but is still incredibly curious and cute. Plus we had a very good turkey dinner :)

Work's been fairly busy right up to the break, so it's nice just to be able to chill out today. I may try and get some exercise in a bit, and need to go feed the cat again sometime.

Oh, and Happy Birthday Isaac Newton. Probably.

ETA Yay! Great pressie, webcowgirl *smooches* :)
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I has a Nomlet!

Well, it's not exactly a traditional Christmas lunch, but it's still delicious; I've just been out on a bike ride, the first one since I moved to Putney (over a year ago!) as part of my plan to get a lot more exercise (which was foiled for the last several months by the bad foot). A 10K ride (thought I'd start simple) up to Richmond Park (full of deer!) and back along Upper Richmond Road; still haven't shaken off my cough entirely so my lungs were protesting a bit, but it's *so* much nicer to ride here than it was in Brixton!

My 3-egg cheese-and-ham omelette is joined by an apple, crunchy salad and, thanks to the wonders of parbaked baguettes, hot, fresh, buttered bread :) Not bad at all! :)

I think the rest of today may involve a little cleaning of the flat, but mainly chilling out and a few Christmas phone calls. And possibly some Babylon 5, unless the TV gets a lot more exciting...
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