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Words softly spoked Dec. 21st, 2002 05:48 pm
I get some weird comments/requests on UKC. But trust Scott Munn to outdo the lot - he's asking for my help in gathering Cycling Haiku.


Somehow, a Certain Goth springs to mind...

From: giolla
Date: December 21st, 2002 - 01:02 pm (Link)
From: feanelwa
Date: December 21st, 2002 - 02:59 pm (Link)
My bike's in Cambridge
So right now i can't go out
Because i am not.

Sorry, i know it should be somewhere else, possibly on your forum (Freudian typo: furum) (the haiku, not the bike) but it's not really a cycling haiku as much as a not-cycling haiku.