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Thoughts on resolutions

Cricked my neck this morning (sneezed at just the wrong moment) and as ever it's distracting me from work, so I thought I'd see if I could kick-start my brain with a post.

The latest 5's meme reminded me about my resolutions, which I made at Samhain this year.

Aside: How many of you actually note down your resolutions, and then actually *look* at them through the year?

Mine looked like this:

1 Recognise my real strengths. That I am, and will remain, a geek with a love of problem-solving. That I'm not a great coder, but have far more potential in web dev and systems admin.

2 Recognise my identity, which is, in many people's form of reckoning, odd. Feline anthro, two-minded, but minds that work very well together and are powerful. Learn about the strengths of this second self.

3 Realise that I'm not that old yet. Enjoy life at my own level without worrying about pointless societal expectations.

4 Spend more time with my friends, and get to know a lot of them far better.

5 Think very carefully about writing a book on cycling, not for publication, but to be made available on the site.

Sounds like I was a bit insecure when I wrote that lot. And I've been ill quite a lot since then too.

But now I'm stronger, both mentally and physically. As I noted a short while back, my tiredness is rather less pernicious than it used to be - and I've managed to get out to the Run and Calling a bit, too.

I've done a lot of code work since then. IP5, which looked like it would never get released, has got a lot closer as I've had a new project to use it for, and have taken the chance to make it portable at the same time.

And I'm not only fairly contented with my duality, but the personas have become ever more integrated. And as ever more people have seen both, they've all reacted well to it. I'm happier talking about it now, too.

Age? I'm me, now. My age doesn't seem to be a factor for my friends or those I'm sleeping with, and I will just continue to be me. Or possibly us.

Friends - realised I have quite a lot of them, many of whom are very good friends. At some point I'll manage to interact socially with a few of them IRL outside the Kambar or KSR, eg gathering a few at my place for Settlers and Pizza. And going cycling again.

As for partners and lovers - I must make more effort to show them just how much I really love and appreciate them.

Apart from that, the niggles in my life are all pretty minor. Well, I have to get a divorce, but sashajwolf's pointer there might help somewhat ( The rest consists of managing to arrange haircuts and dental appointments, keeping the flat tidy and the washing-up done, and getting to work somewhere approaching on time. Which I will start doing ;)

And I think that covers most of it.

Which just leaves me to say.
feanelwa, valkyriekaren - I love you, lots. wildeabandon - I don't really know you well enough to say that yet, but gods, I love what you do to me ;)

duranorak - let's keep in touch more.

And nevla - a man can only sit patiently and watch indecision for so long...
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